Cheaper Quality Clothing

This past New Year’s I made a resolution to only buy my clothes from garage sales, Goodwill, and consignment shops. I did this for a few reasons: 1) I knew I could save a ton of $$$ by buying second hand clothing that was still in excellent condition and 2) I had a desire to help our planet. We are such a throw away, temporary culture that I felt convicted to try and decrease my contribution to buying new things only to give it away or throw it away later.

So recently when my friend sent me $20 to spend on ThredUp I was excited!


ThredUp is an online consignment shop that sells used (and brand new!) women’s and children’s clothing. They believe in the importance of recycled clothing and I can’t say no to that! When I made my first purchase, my friend received a $20 credit; it’s a win-win! I hopped on over to the site and found a few items that were right under $20 (there was no minimum purchase to get the $20 off…talk about awesome!). I paid my $5.99 in shipping and received my purhcase a few days later.


How cute is that packaging? So simple, yet so fun.


My purchased consisted of a new fall dress and some super cute leggings. I inspected my items and they are all in perfect condition. I have not tried selling to ThredUp yet, but that process looks very simple too.

Would you like to try out the site? Here is a link to get your free $20 If you try it out, let me know what you think. There are a LOT of items including accessories and shoes too!

Happy Shopping!

I am not affiliated with ThredUp and other than the Give $20, Get $20 (which anyone can do) I was not compensated by ThredUp for this post. 

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