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Noon Pick-Me-Up

My husband and I both like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of iced tea at lunch. When we were first married I used to buy him bottles of tea. These were problematic for two reasons: 1.) the bottles did not fit in his lunch box very well and 2) with two people drinking them, the cost added up quickly. I spent about $6 a week on tea or roughly $24 a month. That is a lot of cash when you consider how cheap it is to make. So! On to an alternative to buying bottled tea.


I decided to make our own iced tea! We already had a cute little teapot…


And bagged tea is available in multiple places (plus you can easily change your flavor from pitcher to pitcher). I use one bag of regular iced tea and one bag of flavored tea.


After I brew up a pot of tea I let it cool and then transfer it to our leak-proof containers.


I had a plethora of mason jars sitting around not doing anything and I thought they might make a very good tea container. At first I used the metal lids that came with the jars and quickly found out that repeat uses of these would cause them to rust. I remembered seeing plastic lids somewhere and found some at Menards. I love them! They are so useful (I also use these jars and lids to shake up my protein shakes…it makes for an excellent shaker).

Once the tea in the pot has cooled I transfer it to the pitcher and then my husband fills a mason jar every morning and pops it in his lunchbox.


Mason jars are so versatile. Do you have some? What do you use yours for?

Have a great Monday!

5 thoughts on “Noon Pick-Me-Up

  1. I like this post! I’m a big tea drinker. I have a ton of mason jars, I tie ribbon around mine and use them as Vases for flowers. When we entertain I put them on the tables as centerpieces with the flowers in them.


  2. Kat, great post! I was just thinking yesterday that bottled tea is so expensive compared to brewing your own. It is not much time or money to make it. I do cold brew tea and mix in simple syrup (boil 1 cup water and mix in 1 cup sugar). It’s probably terrible for us, but so good. I like your find of the mason jar lids!!


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