A taste of New England

After a 10 day vacation it feels good to be back home! My husband, son and I just arrived home from a long vacation to New England (which explains my blog absence!). We chose this location for two reasons: 1.) We are trying to get to all 50 states so we needed to go at some point and 2.) We have some friends that live in New Hampshire let us crash at their house and drive their car while we explored

(Big money saving tip: Plan a vacation somewhere where you have a friend and it will save you LOADS of money on hotel fees. Also ask around and see if a friend or a friend of a friend has a vacation rental somewhere fun…they might just be willing to rent it out to you!).

After a pit stop to Walmart for some much needed bottles of water and snacks (another huge money saving tip: find a grocery store and load up….it saves tons compared to buying snacks and water multiple times a day!) we headed to the beach and played in the sand.


Don’t be too jealous: the water was ICE cold in my opinion. But we had fun playing in the sand!

We went to the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut and had a great time exploring the whaling community.


Asher did have a good time even though it doesn’t look it ; )

We also toured the mansions in Rhode Island including The Breakers:


And Marble House:


Asher didn’t enjoy those quite so much…it could have been because it was close to nap time…what can ya do? I loved hearing the stories of the super rich…it was very Downton Abbey-ish.

We ended up staying in a hotel in Connecticut b/c we didn’t think Asher would like us very much if we had him in the car that long. Who can blame him? Plus, I used the Hotel Tonight app and scored us a fun hotel at a casino (for the pool people…not the gambling).


Have you ever used the Hotel Tonight app? I like to use it when I am looking for a last minute deal. The app features hotels that are trying to sell any rooms they have left for the night. I used it twice on this trip and saved about $150 on the rooms. Score!

IMG_1260In Maine we walked the Marginal way, visited a lighthouse, and went lobster fishing.

IMG_1194 (2)

We weren’t messing around!

So there’s 5 more states checked off our bucket list! We had already been to Vermont so we decided not to go back on this trip. We learned a lot of history (particularly in Boston) and we enjoyed seeing that part of the east coast. What creative ways do you have for saving money on vacations? I have a few others I hope to share in a later post, but I would love to hear yours!

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