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Dirt Cheap Deals

So by now everyone should know that one of my favorite ways to save money is by buying items from garage and estate sales. The hunt is so fun and the stuff you can find is amazing! A few months ago I was out hunting and stumbled upon a killer estate sale. It was in a part of town that wasn’t the best, but as long as I feel safe, I go for it. I often find those are the best sales for dirt cheap deals.

My gut was right! Check out this beauty I found for $6.00. I kid you not. I almost peed my pants when I found out this was the second day of the sale and this desk was still sitting there. It needed a little work, but who cares! I was looking for a desk just like this for an area in our basement. Yes!!!


I called my husband to make sure he was willing to come back with me and pick it up and then made my big purchase. Can you tell in the above pic that the bottom left drawer is broken? It was missing a chunk of wood. This is where having a handy husband is a big plus to my projects. I am all for learning new skills, but I also am fine with letting my husband fix some things for me. : )

Of course the first thing I did was sand the whole thing down.


And then I put some wood putty in some of the more obvious holes/scrapes. I usually do not painstakingly cover every imperfection. My personal taste is furniture that looks a little worn/old. But if you wanted to fix it all up wood putty is awesome. (Did I mention I found a note written on one of the drawers with a date of 1963? How fun is that. I wonder what the story of this desk is).


Meanwhile my husband was busy fixing the drawer. He first shaved down the drawer so he could cleanly attach a new piece of wood. He then took a rotary tool and rounded the corners and shaped the wood. Then we used a wood file and sandpaper to even out the seam. IMG_0792

Next comes paint! I used Gravel by Dutch Boy…I am slightly obsessed with that color. I just love the dirty white look.


This happened to be a piece where I liked the original hardware so I bought some spray paint and fixed it up.



I had not used this color before, but my goodness it is my new favorite. I just love the finished product! Luckily it wasn’t a super crazy Kansas windy day so I was able to paint outside.


Doesn’t the end result look awesome? I love the two colors together.


And here is the new and improved $6.00 desk!


Do you love it? Do you see the trash can to the right of the desk? I got that from Goodwill for $2.00. And the magazine rack on the left side? I picked up that puppy for $1 from a garage sale. I had been looking for one for weeks, but could only find wooden ones or pricey ones. Yay for patience!

Here is a better pic. And I didn’t even paint it!


So my built in desk area cost me a whopping $9.00. I am not sure I have ever done a “room” that cheap!

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