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We moved into our house a little over a year ago. Before we moved in we decided we should replace all of the carpet upstairs so we would not have to worry about moving furniture around later. Thus began the massive carpet hunt. We landed at a local carpet place called Jabara’s Carpet Outlet and had major success there.

While perusing the massive amount of carpet rolls we soon discovered my taste for soft plushy carpet was not in our budget. We were at a standstill as I was not willing to go for scratchy, ugly carpet and we were also not going to pay for carpet that cost $5.00 a square foot.

About ready to give up on our carpet search we spotted some awesome carpet that fit all of our criteria AND was in our budget (in fact, it was less than our budget!). It was marked with a bright yellow SECONDS tag. Are you familiar with seconds carpet? We weren’t either. When the carpet is made sometimes the colors can get misaligned and the printing of the carpet is slightly off. The makers mark this carpet as seconds and sell it at a deep deep discount. Can you see the lines? (Why yes, I did just vacuum)


It’s amazing when you add furniture how the lines aren’t even noticeable. We knew they were there because we had the salesman roll out the entire carpet before we bought it, but after some assurance from the salesman (who was buying the rest of our carpet roll for his own home) we took the plunge and went with it. The final cost of this carpet came to $1.89. It was $4.35 a square foot in the showroom….

A year later we are still in love with our carpet. It has not bothered us that the warranty was null and void (seconds carpet doesn’t qualify for warranties) as we have had no issues with it at all. In fact, the brochure and cleaning tips that come with the carpet are awesome. We have loved it so much that we went back to our local carpet store and scored the SAME CARPET IN SECONDS AGAIN for our basement!!!


This was the exact same carpet only THICKER (even better quality). We could not believe our blessing. We wanted the carpet to match, but we could not pay the original price for as much area as we had to cover. Our downstairs carpet cost us  $2.22 a square foot. It was close to $5.00 a square foot in the showroom.

Moral of the story: the next time you are carpet shopping ask where they keep the “messed up carpet” and score big!

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