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Vroom vroom!

This summer while I was at a garage sale I snagged this puppy for $10!  The car obviously, not my child. : p


The owners were selling it because they no longer had the battery or the charger. I knew I could find that for cheap and so to Asher’s delight I put it in the car.

I got home and looked up the owner’s manual online to see what the specs were for the charger and battery. I knew I could get them both cheaper than buying from a specific kid’s store as long as the specs matched. I was right. My husband found a battery at a local battery store for $15 (compared to $40) and I found a charger for $5 on amazon (compared to $20).

So I ended up snagging this car for $30. This car costs about $200 new. Isn’t it amazing what you can find when you search?

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