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Fitness at Home

Near the top of my list of passions is exercising. I used to be the traditional gym rat, setting my alarm extra early so I could get my workout in before work. And then I had my son. And getting to the gym was an ordeal. A big ordeal people. Not only did it add a lot of time to my morning routine, but every time I picked my son up there would be a billion kids in there with him and he always brought nasty sickness with him.

So. My husband and I decided to cut the gym membership and commit to workouts at home. Gasp!


Never did I EVER think I would give up my beloved gym membership, but man it has been awesome! Not only do we now have some extra money to spend elsewhere, but I get to workout whenever I want and in whatever clothes I want (no fancy gym clothes here people).

To make sure we do not get bored we buy workout DVD sets off of ebay or amazon (still way cheaper than a gym membership) and often do the programs together (but not at the same time. Oh no. We found out early on we are best at working out alone). We also use a completely free site called I LOVE this site. You can search for specific workouts that you want to do or you can search by what equipment you want to use. Or if you only have 15 minutes you can filter down and see the workouts that might fit into your day.


The site does have some other tools such as recipes and meal tracking, but I have not used any of them.


The good old net in general also has awesome workout videos. Just try googling a type of workout (cardio, piyo, etc) and see all of the videos that you can follow along with!

I know working out at home doesn’t sound appealing to everyone, but if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford or don’t want that gym membership consider keeping yourself healthy by breaking a sweat at home. We are converting part of our storage room to a home gym, but for now we use the plain ol’ living room floor.

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