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Put some elbow grease in it

One of the simplest ways I know how to save money is by doing stuff around your house by yourself. These days you can find out how to do almost anything via the web; as long as you are willing to do a little work you will be amazed at what you can save!

Mowing the lawn (and trimming) is a given to do by ourselves in our home. Even if we paid a neighbor kid $10 a week to mow, that is $40 a month! No way dude! Plus I get a sweet tan and an extra workout in. Double win!


Now I know this next one isn’t for everyone, but the concept should inspire you to take risks, research, and do projects yourself if you are able! The exterior of our home needed painted. After we learned that painters costs thousands we opted to paint it ourselves. My husband did the prep work of caulking, power washing, and scraping and then I helped paint.


Can you see the difference in the bottom right corner of the picture? It is amazing how faded it was. This is the same color of paint. Unless you are physically unable or deathly afraid of heights, my husband and I couldn’t figure out why someone would pay thousands for this service. It really wasn’t hard. I guess it might be a different story if you were switching colors.


This is an after picture. I wish I would have gotten a good before, but alas it did not happen. The sprinklers were placed way to close to the home so there was some mad discoloration happening. It looks so much better now! The only thing we have left is to paint the trim. The best part? We painted the whole house in a day and a half.

What kinds of services do you do to save money? Isn’t it fun to learn a new skill and feel accomplishment?

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