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Growing a human is not easy

I am sure this is not news to many of you (due to being Facebook friends), but Cameron and I are expecting! Baby #2 is due May 12. Asher is super excited and prays daily that it will be a girl and NOT a boy. So so cute.


I am just shy of 13 weeks and am begging Jesus for sweet relief from “first trimester symptoms”. I was MIA on the blog last week due to all day nausea and tiredness and I still have these symptoms today (we are going on 7+ weeks of nausea folks). We are so incredibly grateful for this blessing, but I think it is ok to be grateful and to want relief from the not so pleasant symptoms. I hope to return next week with a fun and interesting post, but until then I will be frugally brainstorming how to decorate a second nursery on a budget!

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