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Discount Deals

Do you guys use Groupon?


I LOVE it. Sure, the emails announcing all of the deals can be a little overwhelming/annoying, but I find them worth the hassle for the money I save.

Just the other day I purchased this Groupon for my Christmas cards for this year. As you can see I paid $13.99 for 60 Christmas cards from York Photo–this does not include shipping (about $10). I figured this was well worth it when I consider the value of my time in designing a card (and buying printer ink!).


Once you create an account with Groupon you simply sign in and shop. They are all over the place with the categories of where they offer discounts (restaurants, technology, entertainment, spas, etc). They even send you additional discount codes quite often; you can get an additional 20% off local deals for example.

I am not an affiliate of Groupon (seriously, I just love the deals), but if you do want to purchase through my unique link I will receive $10 when you buy your first groupon worth $10 or more. Once you become a Groupon member you can send your own personal referral link and earn $10 too!

Here is my personal link, but really no pressure! Just throwing it out there : ).

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