Don’t let a little broken stop ya

I had been on the hunt for quite some time for a chair for my husband’s office. I knew what he was looking for and I wanted to get exactly what he desired; he deserves a luxurious chair. After much searching, I found it!


I just love everything about this chair. The worn leather, the gold studs and the shapely feet. I found this beauty at an estate sale. The price tag on it was $150.

As I was inspecting the chair, I noticed that the footrest needed a bit of work. It looked like it just needed a new hinge. Anyway, this was affecting the footrest from coming out all of the way. I asked one of the workers if he could get it to come out and because he could not, he asked me if I would want it for a lower price. I asked what the best was that he could do and he said $50! Sold! I know that we will be able to fix the footrest and if worse comes to worse and we can’t, than I will just find a cool ottoman to go with it.

Don’t be scared to ask for deals when you are out shopping. I used to be and would never do it. But I learned the worse people can say is no. I will take that chance!

P.S. I could not find the exact chair online (this is an Eddie Bauer recliner), but from my research I believe this recliner is around $500 minimum. Yahoo!

2 thoughts on “Don’t let a little broken stop ya

  1. You did great!! What a find- I love estate sales!! Have found lots of treasures, especially pewter dishes- at these. And most of the folks who run them are willing to deal-❤️❤️


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