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About a month before all of the crazy Black Friday business my husband and I started planning our shopping list. As I get most of my Christmas present shopping done early, this was stuff for our home. We still needed some items for our mostly finished basement so we were hoping to score some deals.

Of course I wanted to get the most bang for my buck so once we had our list, I planned out how we would buy the items. I started with knowing I wanted to use our Gap card.IMG_2060

There are a few perks I enjoy with the Gap card, but one of my favorites is that they give you extra points (which means faster rewards) when you use the card outside of Gap. For this holiday shopping season I am earning 5x the points. Normally I would not use it outside of Gap, but I knew we were going to make some big purchases so I went for it! (Please note: I only support and engage in smart credit card usage which includes paying off the balance every month, not paying a dime in interest, and not buying beyond your means) Now I will have some nice rewards to spend on my next clearance shopping trip.

I also knew I wanted to purchase some gift cards (with my Gap card) from Dillons so I could get 4x the fuel points on our big purchases. Score!


I do this often when I know there are 4x the fuel points. I only buy gift cards to places where I would shop anyway, like Target. Discounts on gas for places I shop anyway? Yes please.

Finally, because most of our shopping was going to be done online I knew I wanted to shop through TopCashback.


This is a site similar to Ebates. I often find it offers better deals overall so I like to use this one. Another plus: if you sign up and then refer your friends to sign up and earn you can earn $15! I just keep this bookmarked on the top of my browser and I check there for cash back before I shop.

How do you shop? Do you plan out your purchases to try and earn the most back that you can?




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