Buy Ahead

One of the best ways I can save is by buying ahead. Currently a lot of my friends are in the baby stage. This means lots of baby showers, birthdays, and other fun events. While it is fun to spoil all of the little ones in our lives, it can get costly.

By casually scanning clearance racks when I pop into stores, I have snagged some awesome little outfits and toys. This also works online!

Not too long ago I picked up this super adorable little outfit from JC Penny for $3.97. Originally it was $38.00. That savings is crazy!

FullSizeRender (10)

I was shopping on the other day and happened to check their clearance section. They have items in their clearance section marked as “open box”. The products are fine, just the box had been opened in the past. I found this gorgeous coral baby blanket and super cute burp rags.

IMG_2197 (2)

I paid $8.00 on the blanket (originally was close to $40) and I spent $2.60 on the burp rags. I cannot remember their original cost, but I know I got a killer deal! Of course, I would not buy them without getting free shipping. : ) These were an add on to an order that already qualified for free shipping.

So go against your nature and shop for items out of season and don’t be scared of items that are “open box”.

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