Use your rewards

I used to work retail so I when I am out I always give the cashier the respect they deserve when offering a pitch for their in store rewards card. Generally they are free and offer special discounts and a points rewards system for its members. If it interests me, I sign up.

Shoe Carnival does such a program.


I can’t remember exactly how many points you have to get before getting a reward, but I know it is not a ton. Plus they email me special sales emails (not too often…that is one way to get me to get rid of your points system–constant emails!) and they always seem to have a good selection of shoes.


A few months ago I received an email saying that I had a $10 rewards certificate to use (I got that from buying new tennis shoes and work shoes for my husband…that is one area I generally spend a little more; it is SO SO important to put quality shoes on our feet, especially when working out/wearing them all day).


Along with my $10 reward was a sale where select boots were $19.99! I needed some new basic black boots and scored these for $10! (sale price-my rewards)


What do you think? I think they are pretty cute (and comfy!) for $10. Originally they were $50 and I know I wouldn’t have paid that, but I am super happy with my $10 boots!

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