Cheap Rental Cars

This past summer my husband, son and I met family in Santa Cruz, CA. We flew in (of course…no way we are driving THAT far!) so we knew we would need a rental car.

I started with some of my typical travel sites looking at cars and stumbled upon a site called Have you heard of it?

IMG_3078 (1)

I have not tried tracking a previously booked rental (I can report on that if I ever do!), but I did try booking a rental through their website. All I had to do was search for the airport I was flying into and put in my request for what car I wanted and for how long. I didn’t even need to put in a credit card because you pay at the rental car desk when you get there.

The type of car I picked for a week (a nothing fancy sedan) was about $215. This was the same price I found on other travel websites so I figured if it didn’t work than at least I knew I was still getting a decent price.

Basically what does is constantly search the web for discounts and specials that apply to your rental terms. If they find a better deal for you, they email you the new price and all you have to do is click a button in your email to accept the new price.

A few weeks after I booked I got an email with a few dollars discount. I was happy to have an additional discount, however small. But then the discounts kept on coming! Autoslash emailed me up to a week before our trip and our new price for the car was $140!!!

Our plane was late coming in so when we got to the rental desk I was so nervous we were going to get a terrible car from booking with a third party. However, when we got to the rental desk we found out I was upgraded to a Mercedes Benz!


This summer my husband’s parents are coming with us on a long road trip. Rather than drive two cars we decided to rent a mini van. I am using again for this rental and am curious to see if I will get another impressive discount. I didn’t book through an airport rental this time and instead just did a rental company here in town. I will report back what happens. Have you ever used

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