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Growth Ruler

Have you seen those super cute growth rulers that parents like to use to track their kiddos height? I have seen them multiple places and they always come with a hefty price tag. $40 for a piece of wood with numbers on it? No bueno.

Back when I was pregnant with my first son my husband and I made one for him so it was only natural we would make one for this baby too.

We started by getting a piece of wood from Lowes that cost us a whopping $3.

FullSizeRender (19)

I then stained it my preferred color (which happens to be Black Walnut Danish Oil by Watco) with applicator sponges. Wowza isn’t that picture stupendous? I had forgot to take one after I got started.


Here is the stained wood. Have you stained with a sponge? It is seriously so easy. And sorry again for the not so fab photo.

FullSizeRender (20)

I then lined up a measuring tape with one side of my wood and made lines straight out to the right. Short lines for inches and longer lines to mark feet. Notice that I started with the measuring tape at the 6 inch mark…that is to account for the ruler being 6 inches off the ground. Oh and the anchors are just what I used for a straight edge. This ruler isn’t heavy enough to need an anchor.


To make the lines darker? A paint pen that cost me $3 after I used a 40% off coupon at Michaels.


The lines.


I lined up my stencils with the foot marks and taped them down.


I then stenciled them in with the paint pen.


And it’s finished!


I really like the finished project and am so glad I spent less than $10!

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