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Spring Planting

When we moved into our new home we were pleasantly surprised with peach trees, apple trees, and blackberry bushes. We have yet to gain a crop on the apples, but we have picked a LOT of peaches and blackberries. YUM.


This spring our goal was to plant some vegetables along with our fruit. My husband found some directions online on how to make some planters boxes and he went to work. : )

One huge cost saver that was his idea: use cedar plank fence posts instead of cedar planks. That saved us roughly $9.00 per board! All he had to do was cut off the ends. Ahhh, a frugal move by my man: that’s romance ; )


He assembled both boxes in a matter of hours.


Our neighbors had a lot of leftover dirt that they said we could have if we hauled it. Score! We did buy some fertilizer and good ole’ cow manure to make the dirt more apt to grow things.


We planted spinach, lettuce, onions, carrots and strawberries. We will add in tomatoes once we get some stands from my grandma and find some good plants.


I know our small amount of gardening won’t save us a ton, but it will bring in savings if it grows! Plus, it really does not require a ton of work. I will keep you posted on our crop. : )

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