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Zipper Repair

Last summer I was hitting up garage sales and found this JJ Cole diaper bag for $0.50. Even though I already had a diaper bag and wasn’t pregnant again, I snatched it up. I mean come on….$0.50!


The reason for the extremely low price tag? The gal selling it said she priced it that way because there were three zipper pulls missing (sorry, not pictured b/c I forgot to take the before pic of that…whoops) Even though I am no seamstress I knew I could probably figure out how to replace those without much effort…and I did!

I found a pack of 10 zipper pulls for $6.48 on amazon and easily replaced the zippers with a needle nose pliers; all zippers now work perfectly.


I walked into a baby store the other day and happened to see this same bag on display for $70.00…holy toledo. This made me even more pumped about my bag and now I knew this find was blog worthy : )


Have you ever bought anything broken and repaired it? I would love to hear about it!

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