In the Kitchen

Eat At Home

One of the easiest ways to spend money is to eat out. We don’t do it very often, but I am always surprised by how much cash we drop when we splurge on a nice date night. To make up for these costly dinners we eat the majority of our meals at home.

Meal planning makes eating at home so much more enjoyable. It is way less stressful if you know what you are going to cook for the week than if you have to decide what is for dinner every single night.

Now try not to let your jaw drop by my amazingly simple meal planning strategy ; )

First off, I keep all of my recipes in a folder titled “Recipes” in my email.


I find my recipes by searching google, suggestions from friends, and blogs. It is really quite easy and hardly takes any time. My husband helps me out by giving me a meal idea once a week. Our two year old has started adding suggestions too (luckily he has a great pallet and we are not talking corn dogs).

Cookbooks are a thing of the past for me, but if I am REALLY stumped I will pull one out and find something.

So once i have my meals for the week I open up the respective links from my email and write down my grocery list. Yes. I use an old fashioned pen and paper here folks.


This paper is kept out all week and as I run out of things I add them to my list; it helps for things that I do not buy all of the time such as spices.

My last and final step is to add my meals for the week to my calendar.


I love using a calendar because I can easily look back on the week before and see what I made. Generally my household does not prefer chicken dishes 5 days in a row : )

And that’s it! Email, pen and paper and a calendar make up my meal planning strategy. How do you meal plan?



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