Rewards for Trash

A few years ago we signed up for a recycling program in our city; it was one small way that we felt we could help Mother Earth. And we get rewards for doing it!

We have two separate trash cans in our home, one for recycle and one for trash. Our trash service gives us a separate trash bin and it comes every other week and on the same day as our trash. The quarterly cost is $15. Pretty simple!

Our recyclable trash turns into points and we can use them on


There are local and non local rewards that you can choose from. Each reward costs you some of your points and is either printable right away or is mailed to you.

In my opinion, the rewards are pretty good deals! Some of my favorites are the Bed Bath and Beyond reward shown below, buy one get one free to local attractions in town, and restaurant rewards.


Currently I have a zoo membership, but before those days I purchased quite a few buy one get one free rewards for the zoo (adult entrance tickets to the zoo are $14.95 per person!) at 140 points a piece. That reward right there equalizes the quarterly cost to recycle. Do you recycle? Do you get rewards for doing it? I would love to hear!


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