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Multi-Use Products

A quick tip for your Tuesday: multi-use products are the bomb for your budget!

One of my favorites? Coconut Oil. Of course, most of you probably know how awesome this oil is and how versatile it’s uses are (it’s only plastered everywhere online).

I get this oil from Aldi for $5.99. LOVE Aldi (that is a post to come).


In our house we cook with it, use it as a diaper rash cream and I use it as a lotion (I bet you weren’t expecting those three things in the same sentence hehe). My son also loves it by the spoon full (not for me…I tried oil-pulling once, it was unsuccessful…). I also use it to remove my eye makeup and as a moisturizer.

Even with all of these uses this jar lasts me quite a long time. Some of my other favorite multi use products: vinegar and baking soda…posts to come on those.

Do you use coconut oil or any other multi-use products?  What do you use it for? I would love to hear!


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