Rebates, rebates, rebates!

I was introduced to Ibotta a few years ago. Have you heard of it?

FullSizeRender (3)

It’s one of those apps that gives you cash back after you make purchases. It features loads of stores. Basically you go onto the app and unlock rebates (super easy…usually involves answering a question or watching a short video) and then go shopping like you would anyway. Once you are done shopping you take a picture of your receipt to verify the purchases and Ibotta puts cash into your account that you can then withdraw to your paypal or venmo account or to a gift card.


Last year I had a Halloween party and earned $30+ back just from buying the drinks that I would have bought normally. Whoop!

You can earn more bonuses and cash back if you join teams. If you want to be on my team just enter this little code “waqabdf” and as soon as you redeem your first rebate you earn $10!

I am not affliliated with Ibotta but I do earn $5 if you join my team and redeem your first rebate : )

Happy shopping!

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