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Real life

Frugality really comes down to the choices you make every day. Eventually they pile on top of each other and boom…you are saving money.

My top three frugal fixes from yesterday included:

1.) I put items into a consignment sale. Because we are done having kiddos (unless Jesus has a different plan) I have started to get rid of clothes Jude has outgrown. Yay for easily making money on kiddos clothes!


2.) We ate lunch at home. I was so tempted to ask my husband out to lunch because he was gone all weekend, but I made the choice to resist the temptation (mainly because we went out for lunch the day before he left for his weekend away) and saved at least $20!

3.) We stayed home all day. This is definitely not the norm for us, but it was nice. And staying home means no money spent!

How about you? What did you do today that was frugal?

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