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A Daniel Tiger Themed Party

For my little one’s third birthday party the theme was Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (of course he picked it). Ever watched it? It’s a cute little show based off of Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. Check it out if you have kiddos; or even if you don’t have small kiddos, no judgement here : )


I knew we could easily go online or to the store and buy everything we needed; however, you all should know by now that is not the way I roll. All of the supplies we needed to create the perfect Daniel Tiger party were available to buy at Michaels (never buy anything at full price..always go online for a 40% off coupon) or to print from home.

Yes, making our own decorations did take some time, but it also gave my three year old some great practice with cutting, gluing and imagining. Check out our decorations below.

This was all of the paper we needed to make the decorations. It was less than $10.


Of course we had to have a trolley. I did not come up with this on my own; there were some great ideas at


And we had to have scenes from the show. We made O the Owl and Katerina Kittycat’s treehouse, the clock factory, Prince Wednesday’s castle and Jungle Beach. All picked by our three year old to be.

There were quite a few free printables online and with those I made:



Cupcake wrappers and cupcake pics (yes I made the cupcakes myself…I am too cheap to buy baked goods for a birthday party..and I enjoy baking).


And an activity table including masks, shakers and crowns. I spent $15 for these supplies.


So with decorations and food the total for the party was below $50. Do you do at home birthday parties or do you go somewhere to celebrate the big day?

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