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Tuesday Thoughts 8.30.16

I thought it might be fun to share what is on my mind one Tuesday a month thus Tuesday Thoughts starts today!

As I adjust to life with two littles the biggest thing on my mind now is trying to decide what to be frugal with and what can be bought, left out or done later.

Week 10-13

Now don’t get me wrong, I would say I still put frugal thought into my purchases 95% of the time. But that other 5% is a big deal to me to let go. For example the other day I marched (well actually my husband went for me) into Buy Buy Baby and grabbed an item for our little one without even thinking to price compare before the purchase. Of course I had a coupon for my husband to use but not price comparing to at least one other store before a purchase is a BIG deal to me.

I have come to realize that time is short (how on earth do I have a 3 year old already?!). And time with my babies while they are still babies is fleeting. Why not spend a little more every once in a while and in return get some awesome play dough making under way.

Anyway so that is what is on my mind. The balance of letting go of a few purchases (for a time folks, for a time) and in return freeing myself up for more time with the important things in life.

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