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Stains. Sigh.

If you have a baby. Or toddler. Or preschooler. Or if you are just prone to getting stains on your own clothes then heed the following:

Oxi Clean and the sun work magic.

Lately I had been noticing my little one’s clothing had quite a few stains on them. Check out those peach stains. Yikes.


Rather than throw them out (I was tempted)…b/c that is thrifty and all (not!)…I decided to try and get rid of the stains.

Enter in Oxi Clean. I filled up a tub with all of the stained clothes I could find, sprinkled some Oxi Clean in and filled it up with HOT water. I then let it soak for 4 hours. Note: do not let it soak overnight…I did that once and the color from a yellow shirt dyed some of my whites yellow..major fail.

IMG_3133 (1).JPG

After the 4 hour soak 90% of the stains were gone! The pieces that still had stains got a repeat soak and then were laid out in the sun. After a few hours in the sun (makes you realize how smart people are who hang their clothes on a clothesline) the stains were gone!


Good as new and loads saved on buying a new wardrobe! Did you already know this little trick?


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