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Thrifty Three 10.13.16

I pulled a muscle in my hip flexor…killer. While that has been on my mind this week I am happy to report, despite the pain, I have my thrifty three for you! I am basing this off of yesterday due to the odd time of writing this blog post today : )

I cooked supper. Whoop!


Isn’t grabbing take out when you don’t feel like cooking a huge temptation? It is for me anyway but it’s usually the opposite of being frugal when I do that. We had black bean burgers with homemade buns, a spicy mayo, arugula, and good ole frozen fries baked in the oven. Yum

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and used two coupons…one on a Christmas present for the hubs and the other on random household goods. Cheers to saving twice!

I have a favorite things party coming up and scored some awesome items at Home Goods that were on clearance (you can only spend a certain amount on your items so I was pumped to find this item in the price given to me)! I can’t post a pic of those b/c it needs to stay a surprise and some of the women going read my blog. I will come back and post one once the party happens though!

P.S. Home Goods is new to Wichita and OH.MY.GOSH. that has to make the top 5 of my most loved stores!

How have you been frugal today?



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