Tuesday Thoughts 10.25.16

It’s all about love. My younger sister got married this past Saturday and it was gorgeous. Gorgeous weather. Gorgeous couple. A heck of a good time.


This is the bride with our three brothers 

The bride was beaming and the day was perfect. It all just went too fast. As a bridesmaid I got an inside peek into the behind the scenes of the weekend; watching my younger sister soak in all of the special moments was something I will treasure for a lifetime. Knowing that her husband is the perfect match for her and that God brought these two specific people together is priceless. I always told her that she would know when the right one came along and she did. Adam and Becca complete each other perfectly.

Cheers to your marriage Adam and Becca! May God grant you a lifetime of happiness and lots of love. Thank you for sharing your love with all of us…love you more.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts 10.25.16

  1. Such a beautiful wedding! And perfect day! This is so perfectly and beautifully written I love it! Great picture too!


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