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Purees Galore

I know this is NOT for everyone…some people do not have the time and a lot simply do not have the desire, but Jude has started eating solids so I’m dusting off my puree making skills.

I make baby food for two reasons: I know exactly what is going in it and it is so CHEAP. At Aldi a bag of sweet potatoes costs about $2 and makes 20+ servings making it 10 cents a serving. At Target a serving costs $0.74! Whaaa?!

My process is simple. I will use sweet potatoes as an example (his first food). First I wash, peel and cut the veggies/fruit.


Then I steam the food in my steamer. You could also boil if you do not have a steamer.


Just make sure you keep the water it is cooked in because you will want to use that when you blend it up. It contains the nutrients that leach out.


You want to mix until you get an awesome looking puree.


Once it is pureed I dump into ice cub containers and pop in the freezer. It is helpful if you take them out when they are just hardened; it makes it a little easier to pop out.


My last step: put in a quart freezer bag and back into the freezer.


I take out a couple the day before he eats them and put in the fridge so they thaw out. If I am going somewhere I just put a few in a container and throw in the diaper bag.

Do you make your own baby food? Or do you prefer to save money elsewhere?




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