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Pretty Presents

You know the people that go out of their way to wrap their presents beautifully? I decided I wanted to be one of those people this year….but of course not spend a ton. Low and behold my challenge to use stuff around the house to dress up presents began.

Using old Christmas decor was out because I had either sold or given away all of that the previous year. And then I remembered I had some greenery in one of my bathrooms that I was just over. Thus began the tearing/ripping/cutting apart of said greenery. Once dissembled I used spray paint I already had and went to town.


My three year old had a blast helping me hunt for pine cones down by the pond in our neighborhood. The ribbon and paper came from Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale and all other items were from the greenery.

No greenery? Be creative. I also used some leftover tissue paper and brown craft paper on one present *cute little Christmas drawings on the paper would be oh so sweet.


You can also use old ornaments, little themed gadgets depending on the gift (a little spatula tied to the front for a kitchen gift, a unique piece of candy tied to the outside would go well with any gift).

How do you wrap? Are you a duct tape and newspaper person or do you go all out and make my attempt look shabby? ; ) Please do tell!



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