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Bring on the Beauty

You guys. I am SO excited to bring attention to an amazing make up company that will BLOW your mind. Have you heard of Omiana?


It is the purest skin care and make up line you will ever find (yes even better than mineral make up which can actually contain not-so-good ingredients). The company was started by  my cousin a few years back and has simply exploded into the make up scene by offering amazing products without harmful chemicals and ingredients.


Omiana is full of unique and gorgeous products and the website offers many helpful tips on picking proper shades (this is an excellent starting point to picking your products) as well as easy filters to present you with an array of products that do not contain any ingredients you might want to avoid or be allergic too. They seriously go out of their way to make sure they have products that will work for almost everyone.  And their customer service…don’t even get me started…it’s AMAZING.


These are the products I have tried so far and ever single one blows my hair back. They work so well and seem to last forever (making it well worth the slightly higher price tag…not to mention your skin soaks in everything you put on it…why would you not want the best on your body?).


Hop on over to Omiana and explore their website and get familiar with their amazing story. I know these products can be a little more money than what people are used to spending so if you shop through (this is an affiliate link) and use the code THANKYOUKAT you will save 10% off your purchase. Make sure and join the newsletter as you will get an occasional free shipping code as well.

And if you have questions please comment below or shoot Omiana an email or text. They love to hear from their customers! Oh! And let me know what you buy and try : )

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