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A little bit of art

Wichita rocks. There are so many cool things to do in this city and tons of them are FREE!

This past December a friend of mine told me about an Art Start Class at the Wichita Art Museum (you can find more info here).


We have been to two classes and there are a number of reasons I love it:

  1. It’s not stuff that I would do normally (I’m not one to grace the gallery of a museum with a 3 year old and a 9 month old) but when it’s encouraged, I’m all game!
  2. It’s an hour long; I’m not driving across town and going through the effort of loading and unloading for a 20 minute class. I want my effort to be worth it!
  3. It promotes creativity
  4. It’s FREE
  5. It gives my mommy brain a break from craft creation

What cool things are offered in your community? I would love to hear!

P.S. Don’t forget to shop those consignment sales when you can! I snatched all this for $30!


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