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Get the most of your credit card…travel series continued

This summer my husband and I are taking our first kid free vacation. Insert feelings of: excitement, worried and scared….it will be fine, right? : )

Anyway, we are headed out of the country for a dear friend’s wedding. Sand and sun…yippee!!


When I booked our vacation through the resort website (oddly that was the cheapest I found; that is usually not my go to place for the best price..more to come on that later) I was presented with the opportunity to add trip insurance. With two littles, we thought it would be a good idea. However, at almost $150+ I was beginning to rethink it. Then my marvelous husband reminded me to check our credit card website to see if it offered trip insurance.


Travel Insurance

It offered 100% trip cancellation, 100% trip interruption and up to $300 travel delay among other benefits. And guess how much it was. Did you guess? A whole $32 a person. Yes please.

We have the USAA credit card (omg love this credit card), but even if you have a different one you should check out all the benefits yours offers. I bet you would be surprised to see what kind of deals you could score.  For example USAA offers discounts on car rentals, home security, shopping and more.

What kinds of secrets have you discovered about your credit card? Do share!


Disclaimer: Credit cards can be tricky. I only believe people should have credit cards if they 1.) are responsible spenders who understand that it is not “free” money and 2.) pay off the balance every month so there is no interest paid


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