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Points. I love thee…travel series continued

It seems every business these days has some type of reward system, doesn’t it? For the most part, I truly love getting rewards and I think most point systems are worth it. Getting something back for what I would spend any way really gets me smiling.


Pictures of hotels are boring so here is a picture of a pretty flower. You’re welcome ; )

A few weeks ago we took a quick trip to Kansas City; we needed a hotel for the night and ended up staying free at an Embassy Suites.

Side note: have you stayed at Embassy Suites before? It was great. Free water bottles. Three free alcoholic drinks per adult (not condoning binge drinking or anything but hey, with littles a glass or two of wine is nice) and free appetizers.

The reason for the free stay? Hotel points. You can get more info here (not an affiliate link btw).

You simply sign up and then stay at one of the many hotels under the Hilton umbrella. You can earn points more quickly by using their business partners, but we have not ventured into that area. We don’t always stay at a Hilton brand hotel, but because my husband has been traveling often for work the points added up rather quickly this time.

This made our trip to KC super affordable. It was my first time staying at an Embassy Suites and I loved it. A separate bedroom to put the kids in? Umm, yes please ; )

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