Do it yourself

It only took me 3 years.

You guys. I am obsessed with this magnolia wreath I just made. After 3+ years of doing little short of nothing in our master bedroom decor-wise, I finally got my rear in gear.

I sold all of our bedroom furniture and am starting fresh. I have done a few things (I will share those with you later) in the room and this wreath has to be one of my most favorite DIY projects.

The magnolia wreaths I found online were close to $100 so of course this was a no brainer that I would either be a) going without or b) making my own.

I scoured the web for magnolia wreath making and ended up with a hodgepodge of ideas to try out. Here’s what I ended up doing:

I purchased a foam wreath (using a 40% off coupon), floral tape, and two magnolia branches (floral is 50% off right now) at Hobby Lobby. The grand total? $26. Boom.


Look how much better the wreath looks with floral tape on it. It makes quite the difference, don’t you think?


The wreath all taped up (that tape is way sticky…didn’t know that, but then again, it is tape…)


I thought I was going to need wire cutters to cut the leaves off the branches…


But look! They just pop off.


And you end up with a nice pile of leaves.


I then used a screwdriver to punch holes in the wreath so I could just slip the stems right into the hole.



I messed up a few times on the spacing of the holes so I just put new floral tape over the bad holes and re punched…good as new! My pattern for hole punching was to move a couple inches to the right, punch three holes (that were just shy of being in neat row), adjust if necessary and repeat.

I love how it turned out! What is your favorite DIY project?


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