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Cupcake, please!

I love to borrow items; it makes no sense for all of us to have all of the items. But I also think if we use a certain item over and over, we have the space for it and it’s within our budget, it might be wise to invest in the item ourselves.

In this case I am talking cupcake stands.

I use one. Often. Time for me to have my own. And a plus: this is something I can make.

First step: head to Dollar General and find something that would work to put cupcakes on.

I ended up with a pizza pan, two stove top burner covers, and two vases.


I glued them together like so:


And then spray painted and sealed them with paint and sealer I already had on hand. The project cost me about $10.


It worked perfectly!


It’s not high end, but it gets the job done and I think it looks pretty cute!

Is there something you borrow all of the time?

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