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A Curious George themed birthday

Our little one turned one last month and big brother picked his birthday theme: Curious George. He picked the same theme for his own party in a month so I was game. Using the same decorations? Totally. (Apparently I didn’t take a picture of the dessert buffet decked out in all its sweet glory…whoops!).


We kept it simple and had a hot dog supper with banana split cupcakes, wild cherry gummy bears (I bought a 5lb bag on Amazon) and homemade rock candy for dessert.


The banana split cupcakes were awesome. And fit perfect on my DIY cupcake stand.



I made simple little themed food labels and color coordinated the silverware and napkins and topped them with a Curious George label.


More color coordination happened in the paper cones I made for the chips, veggie straws and puffs. The veggie straws and puffs are actually in cones that have words from a page of a Curious George book.


A friendly door man and Hundley greeted the guests and I crafted a Curious George photo booth too. (have you done the step by step drawings? I am no artist, but I was surprised how easy it was to draw them!). Simple little coloring pages were laid out on a table for kiddos to do if they wanted. So low pressure on my end.




I have a few extra things I am doing for the big four year old’s party, but I am happily reusing some of the items I created for the little one’s party. All about frugality here people. : )

What have been some of your favorite ways to celebrate your birthday? I would love to hear!



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