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DIY wins again!

So you all know I am finally decorating our master bedroom. I got some decor up but what I was really anxious to do was to find a new bed. And then I started looking. Ouch. 1. Headboards are expensive! 2. Plain, curved fabric headboards are hard to find! People. Not everyone loves tufted and straight-edged headboards decked out in nail-head trim. (I love it if you love that look, it just doesn’t fit my vision for this room!).

So. On to DIY this bad boy.

My husband kindly bought and hauled the wood and cut out my shape. We used a piece of lattice trim to make sure we could get the curve exactly right. I may have been a stickler on the shape. Thank goodness for a gracious, loving hubby!


Here it is all cut out. The small pieces on the bottom right are the “legs” we used to attach to the frame.


Next step? Cover the headboard in foam (side note: I had to buy two rolls of foam and had to cut it into multiple pieces to get it to cover the whole piece. I was worried the seams would show, but nope!). I used spray adhesive for this step. Eww. My first time using that and boy is it sticky. But works excellent.



Then I covered the whole thing in batting. I stapled the batting to the back of the headboard using a manual staple gun.


I don’t have a picture of it covered in batting, but you aren’t missing anything too exciting ; ).

When I did the batting and fabric (which is linen), I laid each on the floor and then put the headboard down on top of it.

Once the fabric was done my husband helped me attach the legs with an additional piece of wood. I prepared the legs the same way I did the headboard: foam, batting, fabric. Sure doesn’t look pretty from the back, does it?


And then we attached the headboard to a plain ole’ metal frame. And voila! Can you tell I didn’t pull the fabric tight enough?


So I shimmied back behind the headboard, pulled out my staples, yanked that fabric tight and re stapled. Super easy fix. Now to get some new white sheets : ).


The grand total for this project? $150. I brought my 3 year old with me to the store so that he could use a coupon and buy my other roll of foam (not pictured on this receipt).


Given that the one headboard I found that I sort of liked was $500+ I am super happy with how this came out and how much it saved us! And this was all done in a day!

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