Fun Finds · Thrifty Three

Thrifty Three 7.10.17

It’s Thrifty Three Day! For those of you just tuning in, thrifty three day is a day where I give three non earth-shattering tips on how to be frugal. It all adds up, am I right?


1. I bought a reusable tablecloth from Hobby Lobby while it was 50% off. I host a lot of parties. And many involve kids. Which equals mess. So I am constantly buying and throwing away reusable tablecloths= not frugal (in the long run) and not earth friendly.  Let’s see how long this one will last! (note the homemade cupcake stand)

2.  I sold some rugs on buy, sell, trade. I just love this part of facebook. It might be what I do the most on this form of social media, ha!

3. I made afternoon coffee at home. Coming home from morning errands I so wanted to stop for a quick drink, but I didn’t give in and made some at home instead. Instant savings of at least $2. $1 here, $1 there!


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