Books, books, books!

Exciting news over here: I joined Usborne Books & More as an Independent Consultant! The company offers fiction and non-fiction books for all ages, from babies to high school students. Even adults enjoy them!


I had been thinking about getting my toes wet in a company like this and when Usborne came to my attention, it was a no-brainer. My top reasons for joining?

  1. My kids LOVE books and so do I. There’s nothing like escaping into a book and learning more about the world at the same time.
  2. You can sign up to be a consultant, get a ton of books, and then get 25% off for life and never throw a party or sell a book in your life if you wanted to do that.
  3. You have the potential to earn some income if you did want to sell some books, but that is totally your call.
  4. There are no minimum sales to meet for you to keep your consultant status. Which means no pressure to ever do anything. Ever. I. LOVE.
  5. Books make great gifts. We have loads of kids birthday parties we attend. A book is the perfect gift! (And being able to buy it at 25% off helps too 😉 )

Anyway! When you throw a party with Usborne Books & More you ALWAYS qualify for free books. However, because I am a new consultant I get an incentive period (ends in early October) where I can offer DOUBLE free books to qualifying parties. If you think that is something you want to do, please leave a comment and I will get with you and get you scheduled. I do both in home parties and Facebook parties; both are fun and super easy to put together.

And if you just want to browse, order or learn more about the company? Here is my personal website.

Thank you for letting me share my exciting news! Do you have any Usborne books?

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