Thrifty Three 8.8.17

It’s Thrifty Three Day! What little changes have you been making in order to save some cash?


Here are my top three:

  1. A friend told me about a discount store on the west side of town. Wichita friends: did you know the Dillard’s in Towne West is now a clearance store where multiple Dillard’s stores ship items that do not sell?! It is set up a bit like a warehouse and you do have to be in the mood to look through things, but the savings are incredible. Every week they have a different sale (when I went women’s shoes were an additional 50% off and women’s dresses were buy one get two free); I snatched the Gianni Bini shoes for $13! They are normally $80! I picked up a few things for my 4 year old too, but I thought the shoes were more fun to photograph    ; ) P.S. They are closed on Mondays and open at noon during the rest of the week.
  2. I did a garden swap with a friend. I dropped off a bag of peaches and picked up a bag of basil. Winning.
  3. I booked two separate trips with Autoslash, both of which have found better deals since my booking. I love that they track your reservation for you and are always on the hunt to get you the best deal.

I am excited to hear your small, but mighty frugal tips : )

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