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DIY Pinata

When my eldest child requested a pinata for his birthday my mind instantly went to the horrors of having paper mache dripping from every surface in my kitchen. But after looking at the good ole internet I discovered ways to make a pinata without all of the gooey mess.

Gather some cardboard and draw out your design.

We drew one 4 and then traced it to make the other 4 so we knew they would be an exact match. Then we cut.


We then used the sides from cereal boxes to tape the two pieces together. You want to use a lighter cardboard to do the sides because otherwise it might be the adults breaking the pinata open ; )


We left the top open so we could fill it with goodies.


And then we closed that up using a two step process involving a pipe cleaner that could serve as a way to hold it up later. Ya. Right. You guys. Skip this step and just put some string through the hole in the 4 (or whatever shape you make). A small little pipe cleaner did not stand a chance with this beast of a pinata.

To decorate it we used leftover tissue paper. My son left me to do this part on my own. Understandably as it took a little time doing the fringe work.


We hung it in the backyard the day of the party and it was a hit! See what I did there ; )


Cost to make? Nada. We used the massive amount of candy we got from Easter to fill it and we had the rest of the supplies just lying around. Win!

Have you made a pinata? How did you make it?

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