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I want all the cards.

Can I just say I am loving my new side biz? Not only do I love all of the books Usborne has, but I am falling IN LOVE with their cards! Usborne offers a Cards for a Cause fundraiser where the buyer gets 30 cards for $30 (that’s a $1 a piece ya’ll…and these are the type of cards stores charge you $4 a piece for….talk about thrifty!) and the recipient of the fundraiser gets just shy of 40% of the cost of the box. Whoa!

And these cards. All of the heart eyes. They are handmade, individually wrapped, come in a pretty box and are beautiful.

There are 4 different boxes offered.

The kid’s brithday box (umm hello, I go to a million kids birthday parties a year)

The Thanks and Blanks box (half the box is thank you cards, half are blank cards) Much needed as I send a thank you card often (my grandma would simply faint if I said I received a gift and didn’t send a thank you card…manners are important!)

The All Occasion box #1. So so pretty.

And the All Occasion box #2. Look at all the options!

Dying to get a box for yourself or as a gift for someone else? My sister is doing a Cards for a Cause fundraiser right now (it ends on the 22nd) for her friend Jessica. Her family are victims of Hurricane Harvey and their house was badly damaged. Floors and walls are being ripped out and all appliances and most furniture replaced. If you want to grab a box and donate to this family you can do so here

Happy Monday!

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