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Snip, snip!

Little boys hair grows SO fast! Can I get an amen? Goodness, I feel like I am always taking my boys to the barbershop. And at $12 a pop that really adds up!

My husband has been cutting his own hair for years (yep, he is pretty talented) so with his mad skills and my learned skills from watching said boys hair get cut, I thought we stood a good chance at being able to save a bucket full of money and cut our boys’ hair ourselves.

We attempted it this summer. The babes hair was easy peasy…he doesn’t have much so not much to do there yet. The older one….such fine, soft hair that shows every.single.cut. Thank goodness I knew that and can texturize like a boss (at least I think I can).

Daddy does clipper duty and I do the scissor work. How do you think we did?! We aren’t professionals, but we are happy with it. : )

I never thought I would cut hair but it’s not as scary as I thought it would be. We have done this three times and so far have saved $72! What?! That blows my mind. How about you? Do you cut your own hair or your kiddos hair?

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