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DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

A few years ago I accepted the fact that I am not a big holiday decorater. I’m just not. I hate all the clutter that has to be stored and I don’t want to take time out of my day to set it all out and then put it all back. BUT I do enjoy putting out a few pieces that highlight the holiday season.

While I love the spring wreath I made I happened to notice how out of sorts it seemed when I ran in the front door the other day to get out of the weather. And a wreath? That is SUPER simple to change up (check out my DIY magnolia wreath here)


I scooted off to Hobby Lobby to find some eucalyptus branches (they have a 50% off floral sale going on right now) and grabbed 6 of them. I ended up using the greenery from my spring wreath too so I would say you might grab 8 or 9 if you are using just eucalyptus. The cost came in at a whopping $12. I  used the wreath I already had…not gonna store a wreath 😉


Clip off the stems.


And then just start poking the eucalyptus in the wreath. Make sure it all goes in the same direction. Don’t worry about it looking perfect when you start to poke it in. After I had mine done I went back and clipped here and there and shoved a piece in somewhere else. You can always adjust!


I tied down some sections with floral wire and left some wild and crazy. I kinda love it. What do you think?





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