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Last minute Halloween treat

Is this you today too? It’s what I get for not reading my son’s newsletter the day it come out. Whoopsie.

My sister to the rescue with an awesome idea! How cute are these little spiders? And SO easy.

IMG_4539 (1)

Here’s what you need: 2 pipe cleaners (cut in half), one sucker and two googly eyes per spider (not pictured…because I forgot…because I am doing this hours before I need them hehe).


Take two pipe cleaners and wrap them once around the stick on a diagnol


Repeat with other two pipe cleaners


Next, spread out the legs and bend down the ends to make little feet.


Hot glue some eyes on that baby and you are set!

IMG_4539 (1)

I ended up wrapping some scotch tape on the bottom of the stick to make a little tag and wrote “From Asher” on it, but that isn’t pictured because that is how I’m rolling today ; )

We have already started our candy collection so I pulled the suckers from it. The pipe cleaners were 99 cents and I used a 40% off coupon on the eyes which made them just shy of $2. Thanks sister!


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