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I made a clock.

You know those super large clocks that are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L but also cost an arm and a leg? I wanted one for above our bed in our master bedroom, but couldn’t justify the cost. So I figured I could surely make one.

We had some spare wood laying around so my hubs made the base for me and I picked up these handy numbers when they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Handy tip: want something from Hobby Lobby but it’s not in the ad? Wait a week. Their items tend to be on a rotating schedule. Or use a 40% off coupon if you need it this second (you can get them on their website).

IMG_2493I covered them in spray paint. This color makes my skirt fly up. LOVE it. Oil rubbed bronze.


I stained the clock with some leftover stain from our barn wood bathroom door and placed the numbers with tape. This was probably the “hardest” part of the job. It required ALL the measuring. Sigh. A task I do not love. But alas, it needed done because uneven numbers? No Bueno for this OCD chick. ; )

IMG_2496At least tape made the numbers super easy to lift up to put glue on them and then put them right back in place.

IMG_2497 I ordered the clock hands online for about $15. I got a silent motor. It costs a little bit more, but for being right above our heads it was essential.


And here it is! It’s only taken me three years to start on the master bedroom *insert eye roll to self here*. On this side of the room we made the headboard, beefed up some IKEA night stands (post on those coming soon), scored some new lamps and bought a new duvet. I plan to put brass frames above the night stands.



Not bad for less than $40!

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