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My Ikea living room makeover

So my husband was gone for work a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had an itch to re-do the wall above our couch for ages. So in the name of NEEDING TO BREAK ROUTINE while he was gone I loaded up my boys and we jetted of to Ikea for the day (a 2.5 hour trip one way for us. Told ya we needed to get out).

Here is said before wall.


It was fine. But I feel like my style has evolved from eclectic-farmhouse-antique-industrial to eclectic-farmhouse-modern-industrial and it needed a fresh look. #yesireallydidjustcallthatmystyle

And you know what happens in Ikea, yes? You see ALL.THE.DEALS. and so I may have decided I needed new pillows while there too. Because I CANNOT stand spending money on decorative pillows. I just cannot do it. And I cannot sew so no making my own. I digress. Point is: pillows are great deals when bought from Ikea.

The pillows before:

Again, they were fine, but I was ready for a sharper contrast of color.

My children killed it on the trip and we had great fun picking out lots of goodies. And Ikea during the week is deserted folks! It was lovely. I had some excellent help with deciding where to place the shelf and taking down all the old.



And putting up the new. This shelf is their Mosslanda shelf and I used a short and a long here pressed together as tight as I could get them. I’m happy to report their is no visible seam, whoop!



Ignore the crackers. #reallife


Watcha think? I lurve it. It was exactly the fresh pop that I was looking for. And the prints? Found on etsy under “printable art” (crazy cheap) and printed at FedEx (again, crazy cheap).

I spent $160 at Ikea and I promised my hubs I would sell old items to make it back and I have!


Do you shop at Ikea? I have some more fun finds to share with you coming up soon!



One thought on “My Ikea living room makeover

  1. Once again, Kat, you’ve done a fine job. However, you need not buy couch pillows when you and I can make them for much less. Let’s try it.


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