About Me

Hi Friends!

Welcome to Tastefully Thrifty! A blog all about a frugal way of living. Ahhh how I love being thrifty. It’s in my bones. My nature. I just don’t know any other way. It comes so second nature to me that I never even considered blogging about my lifestyle until a few of my friends convinced me that people would find it interesting. I am not sure that is so true; but I guess that is to be determined!

I love being creatively thrifty. Home decor or cleaning supplies, services or entertainment, trips or utilities, a piece of furniture or a house remodel, there are always ways to save. Please let me throw out a disclaimer: I have a passion for thrifty in all areas of my life, but not being cheap. I strongly believe there is a big difference and I try to avoid purchasing items or services that would soon wear down. I am a minimalist at heart; when I make a purchase, I want it to last. Don’t, you? It’s the thrill of this hunt that brings me a little (who am I kidding…a LOT of) joy.


My name is Kat; I am a Jesus loving woman, wife and mother. I have a passion for fitness, my family, and my friends. I love to read, bake and be outside. I enjoy the Kansas sunsets, an evening by the fire, and a hard days work (yes, I meant to put that in the enjoy category….no one said I wasn’t a little odd). I dislike eating fish, scuba diving (umm no way sharks), and cold weather. I also don’t thoroughly enjoy taking posed pictures (we’ll see how that pans out for me with this blog…).

My husband Cameron is the absolute love of my life and is the best person I could have asked to do life with. He brings out the best in me and completes me perfectly (cheesy I know, but oh how grateful I am to Jesus for this man!).


A few years ago we were blessed with our beautiful son Asher. Oh what a joy he is! He is spunky, independent, fearless, loving, and funny. I love being his mommy and I am so honored to be able to stay at home with him and teach him how to navigate life. What a responsibility we parents have!


Isn’t he just the cutest?! I may be a bit biased. : )

Thank you for reading this far dear friends! I know our lives are busy and even reading a blog takes time. I am so looking forward to sharing my tips and tricks on how to save you a little extra cash.

Cheers to living Tastefully Thrifty!

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